Monday, June 18, 2012


The New Indian Express recently published a feature on, its founders: Vikas Malpani, Sumit Jain and Lalit Mangal and how it helps in building communities and knowing your neighbours in the community.
When three friends Vikas Malpani, Sumit Jain and Lalit Mangal faced the common problem — in metros and apartment societies — of hardly knowing their neighbours, they were compelled to come up with the solution to bring owners, buyers and association committee members together to address common problems and find solutions. After much thought, they finally launched CommonFloor in 2007. The technology has been invented by the three engineers from their company maxHeap Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“If one is looking to rent or buy apartments, CommonFloor helps identify the right apartment, interact with dealers as well as owners and collect relevant information. On the other hand, CommonFloor also helps apartment owners connect with buyers, tenants or agents and for agents and builders, it helps in providing relevant and accurate information about properties to prospective buyers or tenants,” explains Sumit Jain, chief executive officer, maxHeap Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  

Vikas Malpani, co-founder and head, Marketing and Communities, maxHeap technologies Pvt. Ltd., says, ”From searching for an apartment to facilitating interactions within an apartment community on the ‘common floor’ platform and connecting one to relevant service providers, the portal is dedicated to meeting all aspects of consumers’ needs around their home.” The CommonFloor team today connects over a million apartment or house buyers and users. Currently present in 120 cities, CommonFloor has over 35,000 communities listed with it, constituting more than 25 lakh homes.

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