Friday, October 9, 2009

Green Diwali at CommonFloor

At CommonFloor, we believe it is our resposibility to contribute to the environment and society. We have been promoting green-living in Home, College/Schools and Offices.

This year, we are asking to celebrate eco-sensitive, green Diwali.

How to celebrate eco-sensitive diwali?
  • Share food, sweets and clothes with the lesser privileged.
  • Donate for relief operations in Karnataka.
  • Instead of individual celebration prefer community celebration in a open ground.
  • Instead of electric illumination for long hours go for traditional lightening of earthen lamps or diyas.
  • Reduce the amount of things we use.
  • Reuse the things we have in different forms until we have absolutely no use for them
  • Recycle items that are no longer functional.
  • Rethink the choices we make when deciding to buy something
  • Refuse things that we do not need at all.
You can contribute your own suggestions about green-living or Green-Diwali at

How did you celebrate your diwali this year?
Send your stories and supporting pictures of Green-Diwali-2009 by 27-October on green-diwali[@] and win upto 5 t-shirts for your community from Scopial!

If you live in apartment communities in Bangalore, Delhi-NCR; you can also upload your pictures to your apartment gallery on CommonFloor

Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apartment Owners Association Powers and Duties

Apartment Owners Association or RWA or Management Committee of any society plays a vital role to ensure hassle free and happy community living. Owners association is the group of all owners of the apartment.

Owners Association maintains facilities or amenities available in apartment community. Apartment Association works for the welfare of residents in their apartment, conduct events or awareness program and protects the right of apartment owners and residents. Apartment owners association may or may not be registered but registered association can sue or defend any legal action and enjoy legal benefits on behalf of the owners.

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