Wednesday, September 26, 2012 featured in India Today

The 1st September, 2012 edition of India Today carried an exclusive interview of 'the man himself', Mr. Vikas Malpani, one of the three co-founders of

This brief interview was covered under the Net Flux section of the paper titled 'Net Point: Reality Check' and it truly was. The interview gave a gist of what the concept of the website is, its competitive edge and the sheer size and current volume of the business.

CommonFloor has received tremendous media presence in the recent past. Having being covered by almost all popular tabloids of the country, CommonFloor is more than proud of its success story and all the media recognition, that it has received. Setting new milestones and achieving it has become the general agenda of business for the company and there is no looking back now. 

The company is now embraced to achieve a market share, that the founders had once dreamed of while building this website.