Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet your neighbours in gated communities online via - Washington Post

Washington Post, the most acclaimed and circulated daily in Washington, D.C., recently published an article on how Indians in gated communities can meet their neighbors online through

In the recent years, as economy of the country is rising high, millions of young professionals are moving into urban gated communities of apartment projects. But due to the economic prosperity, a lot of neighbourly ties and friendly lifestyle of great importance have been severed.

That sense of loss led one of the co founders of, Sumit Jain to create an one stop “neighborhood portal” for Indians whose lifestyles have changed with their nation’s economic transformation but who still crave neighborhood life. A sort of hyper-local version of Facebook, Commonfloor creates online communities for the half-million users in 30,000 apartment buildings across 100 cities it has attracted so far.

Sumit Jain has fond memories of his childhood in a small town where everybody knew everybody. But as a young man, he moved to a big city for work and began living in an apartment building. He soon missed feeling connected to a community.

“Something fundamental is changing among urban Indians today,” said Jain, 27, a software engineer and co-founder of the start-up in the southern city of Bangalore. “We no longer know who our next-door neighbor is, we don’t speak to each other in the elevators, and we cannot knock on the neighbor’s door just to say hello without making them wary.”

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