Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Technology brings neighborhood closer!

The online platform is the only happening trend which can get any amount of information at your finger tips. It is no more difficult for you to find out a house or an apartment, neighborhood issues or may it be facilities at the apartment complex.

The real estate websites and portals offering rent-in and rent-out options is right now the talk of the hour. There are many platforms which provide similar information with community based.

However, who gives better and organized real estate platform is what the individuals will look out for! One such similar real estate portal is managed by Vikas Malpani co-founder of CommonFloor.

As Vikas Malpani says, Commonfloor is one stop platform for residents, property buyers, property managers, service providers, real estate agents connecting each other through technology.

Neighborhood favoring issues such as discussing about transport with other residents, location, budget discussions and many such can be discussed on this platform. Also, this realty platform has been very helpful for the people who stay in abroad and wish to purchase property back in India for their parents.

Today the technology has improved so much that one can send an SMS or e-mail in concern with neighborhood issues using an online platform. Similar kind of services was much into use in tier-one cities, similarly the same services is pave way for huge benefits in tier-two cities too!

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