Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SDM Magistrate thrashed at Windsor Park in Indirapuram

A sub-divisional magistrate was allegedly beaten up by an assistant senior engineer of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) and his friends when he objected to loud music they were playing in a club. The incident took place on Wednesday night (November 18) at Windsor Park in Indirapuram.

According to Akhil Kumar, SSP (Ghaziabad), the incident took place when SDM Vishal Singh went to the club at Wincer Palace and requested the club management not to play loud music at night. "He was trying to help his children in their studies but the loud music from the club located inside the residential complex distracted them. He then went down to the club around 11.30pm to request the organizers to turn down the music,'' said Kumar.

"We have registered a case of hurt. As the SDM was not on duty when the incident took place, we have not slapped a case of stopping a government servant from discharging his duty. We will question a few other people, including the DJ. The victim and his PSO were taken to the hospital for treatment. Doctors said both the victim were out of danger,'' said a senior police officer.

According to Rajesh Tripathi, station officer, Indirapuram, “when SDM Vishal Singh and his PSO requested Chowdhry to turn down the music, the latter protested, the verbal duel soon turned ugly and the accused and his friends beat up the SDM and his PSO. The SDM then called police who soon arrived at the spot and arrested Chowdhry and three of his associates,''.

According to residents and RWA of Windsor Park, Subash Chowdhry is one of the apartment owners in Windsor Park. He has bought more than half a dozen of apartments and the club in Windsor Park which was residential purpose was used for commercial purpose by Chowdhry. Chowdhry and his friends used to have party and DJ music was played loud in late night which often distracts the residents of apartment. According to them who ever objected to loud music was beaten by Chowdhry and his friends. According to them, instead of police taking action against Chowdhry and his friends, police takes action against those who objects Chowdhry. When SDM Vishal Singh was allegedly beaten up by Chowdhry and his friends, residents of Windsor Park gathered at house of Akhil Kumar, SSP Ghaziabad demanding to the arrest of Chowdhry and his friends.

Police said they had arrested four of the attackers Narendra Chaudhary, Mahesh Verma, Sandeep Nagar and Pradeep Singh and were hunting for several more people. The engineer, identified as one N K Chowdhry, claimed that he was the personal assistant of Uttar Pradesh minister Naimuddin Siddique. Owners, residents and RWA of Windsor Park says that police has arrested Subash Chowdhry and released SDM Vishal Singh’s attackers on bail without taking the incident seriously.

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Anonymous said...

The residents have taken up the act seriously and came out on street to protest against the BUILDER and GDA nexus, for using the residential plot for commercial purpose and monitory gains in connivance with the local police and administration.

Dharnas and Pradarshans and Candle light procession are going on in Indrapuram and Ghaziabad

the questions raised are

In this sub urban township, do we have adequate police post to control the Gunda Elements, Snatchings, Thefts and Burglary?

The Shops in the residential plots are basically for the daily needs of the residents.. how a liquor shop is allowed in the complex that invite so many unsocial elements and drink on the road side / inside car.. making it difficult for residents especially ladies to move around after dawn.

Community center is meant for the residents to come, sit, relax and meet people.. not for running it as an extension 1 bedroom hotel run by Builder in the name Cabana Estate (www.cabanaestates.com)
Builder is not handing over the property to the RWA and using it for holding conferences and private partis.. Residents are not allowed to use it for any community function including 15th Aug and 26th January..

There is time for every one.. now it is residents turn purhaps !

Mohit said...

This is really unfortunate to see events like these.

Anonymous said...

Dear Residents of Indirapuram,
Please act befor your deams of living in a city of the 21st century will end in a nightmare.
I am sure all of you bought your flats from the known.lesser known/unknown builder because they promoted the fact that a stautory body like Ghaziabad Development Authority has sanctioned these projects.
GDA being a statutory body to ensure that Indirapuram develops as envisaged by the GOVT. of UP guidelines & stautes. It has been created to oversee that the rules are followed.
As such it is now for the VICE Chairman & Secretary GDA to take a deep look at the ground situation and announce their stand strictly as per the provisions of the GDA /NBC rules.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court for firm action against illegal constructions

The Supreme Court has expressed serious concern over the mushrooming of unauthorised and illegal constructions beyond the sanctioned plans in towns and cities and favoured strict action against such constructions.

The Court said, “It is the bounden duty of the citizens to follow the rules made by the civic authorities for construction of apartments and buildings in conformity with public safety.If unauthorised constructions are allowed to stand or given a seal of approval by courts, then it is bound to affect the public at large.Such unlawful constructions are definitely against the public interest and hazardous to the safety of occupiers and residents of multi-storeyed buildings,” said a Bench of Justices V.S. Sirpurkar and Deepak Verma.

News @ The Hindu (http://www.thehindu.com/2009/12/10/stories/2009121057080100.htm)

Anonymous said...

The RWA of Windsor Park, is the most USELESS Rwa, we have seen. Come to the society and you'll see flwg:

* No Parking Stickers on cars of Rwa members, residents of Elegante / GH Block (Apart from some educated ppl)

* Unauthorised parking by some people at their will, anywhere in the compond (specially in front of the Elegant, GH, I block, Next to L block).

* Loud music being played by few residents till late hours. Not adhering even after repeated requests by neighbours and guards.

* No sense for AC drainage pipes. Infact, in some towers, not even a single resident has proper arrangement for drainage of water from the AC outlet. Either the water falls on the AC of the lower floor or on the open area of the ground floor.

* Regular Celebrations/Parties in the open area/garden area by some residents. Apart from the disturbance caused to fellow residents, this causes huge mess and destroys the garden too.

* Cars being washed in the open. Almost, 20-30 cars are being washed everyday at every possible nook and corner of the society, which is closest to the water source. Although people use buckets, enormous amount of water is wasted each day with about 10-12 buckets of water, being used for a single car. Also, the stagnant water results in breeding of mosquitos, leaving the society with high risk of malaria, dengue etc.

* And some more...

Above issues might be very very serious, but can easily cause problems for residents/owners and prevent them from living a peacefull life at Windsor park.

It is said that Windsor Park is the best society of Indirapuram. However, a society is made of its residents, whether owners or tenants. Some bad elements in a society/apartment can really cause big problems for all the others and its the RWA, which has to take necessary steps to get the issues resolved.

The Windsor Park Rwa seems to have failed in this regard, and that's the reason, it does not enjoy much support from the flat owners and residents.

The RWA seems to be interested only in getting full control of the club and other common area, so that it's members and their friends, can enjoy the benefits. They have forgot RWA's major role of ensuring a peacefull life for all the residents, whether an owner or a tenant.

Thus, it's better the Controls and rights of the Club and all the Common Area, stays with the Builder and it's Men. Atleast, they are professional in their behaviour and there is no complaint as such, with regards to the maintainence of the society and other matters.

Anonymous said...

One should act like in Mumbai and Kolkatta happens. People should gather and in mob attach the culprints. No need to wait for law markers because we know they help law breakers.

vishva bhraman said...

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