Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask Others

Ever since we launched the gallery feature, we had been waiting for the weekend for a team-party. Being the product manager, it was my duty to organize the party. 

I am not aware of the best restaurant that will suit the demands of all team members, so I posted the this question in "Ask Others " section of CommonFloor - "Which is the best restaurant near Suncity, that will serve us Chinese cuisine and should have a dessert option nearby. Proximity to a punjabi restaurant will be a plus, in case mood changes at the last moment which usually happens?"

Thankfully, I got 3 replies within an hour about "Yo-China" restaurant near Marathalli. One helpful neighbor (Sumit) also pointed out that it is near to Innovative Multiplex. I made a quick visit to Weekend Guide and found movies running in Innovative Multiplex so as to book tickets for the team!

Now, I am looking forward towards Sunday for the party! 

"Ask Others" is a great feature to quickly get locality level information from neighbors and residents around a locality are the best sources to get real reviews. Try it out and tell us how can we improve it further!


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