Thursday, April 10, 2008

Redefining Apartment Societies in Cyberspace

Social networks have been around us in the form of Orkut, Facebook and LinkedIn; touching our social interaction in cyberspace and helping us bridge the gaps in our social and professional life. At a time when the social networking space is seeing lot of innovations, MaxHeap has come up with this great idea of introducing social networks in high rise apartment societies. While most social networks have a great emphasis on third degree contacts like friend-of-friend or colleague-of-colleague, CommonFloor the social networking brainchild of MaxHeap, is all about knowing your next door neighbor. But to restrict it to just a social contact directory would be to undermine the usability of a great resouce portal. At Commonfloor knowing your next door neighbor (and the hundreds others who share your apartment complex) is about knowing people who share the same physical, social and economical space in the society as you do.

So where LinkedIn can serve as a great place to form contacts with peers who might help you drive your professional life and Facebook or Orkut can help you reunite with old friends, CommonFloor can find you golf partner, bridge players, trekking enthusiasts or your local morning laughter club. On one hand forming a club around your favorite past time is an incentive to some, having something as practical as a car-pool will be a lucrative idea for most, attractive even more when CommonFloor provides you with all the tools to manage your groups, find new members, add them and call for meetings, suggestions and much more ... just a CLICK away.

But hey!! City life is not just about you and your neighbors having a good time ... there are always a bunch of things at home and other than work that you want to do and CommonFloor can help you achieve. CommonFloor also acts as a Concierge provider by helping you with your daily chores like electricity bills, phone bills, movie tickets and mails. You can also ask for domestic help, maintainence work and keep track of your queries online. When was the last time you were looking for "saboodane ki khichdi" and did not know where to find "saboodane" or worst of all ... what recipie to use ? Why wait but ask for tips from your neighbors using CommonFloor.

CommonFloor today is trying to cater to every need of working professionals and their families living in huge apartment socities. It is coming with tools and technologies to enable you to make your life full circle even from your office desk. The latest additions in its kitty of products is local search, local news, shopping offers, food services and movie rentals from

This is all but the start of the story, to know CommonFloor more you need to get registered (which is free as in free beer) to the portal alongwith your neighbours in your housing society. This and a lot of upcoming stuff is going to make CommonFloor the next revolution in online space which is going to make our offline life easier and more fun. Just dont forget to check the demo out here.